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METRO Schedule... be sure to check with respective venue staff as covid-19 restriction may have play postponed or otherwise modified...

Pioneer Columbus Recreation Center: (2100 SE 5th St., Des Moines) offers Drop-in Pickleball, Monday through Friday mornings, 8am to Noon. $2.00 for any session, all ages! Now & then we may be able to pick up a Saturday or two for play, however only if there are other events taking place in the center. I will keep this page updated for such changes! I have set up an interactive "sign-up" sheet for those interested.

Pioneer continues to offer EVENING PLAY. with Tuesdays already in session and Starting May 23rd,Thursdays... both nights from 6-8pm. $2.00 drop-in per session, everyone. This schedule is expected to continue through to September 30th. Watch for updates.

PLEASE NOTE: Great Venue, permanent pickleball lines painted upon the courts. Be sure to thank Des Moines Park and Rec. for the restoration and their continued support for pickleball in the metro.  


Valley Community Center is going strong with their available pickleball play. Mon, Wed, & Fri from 8:00 until 12:00. Stop out, take a look, join the funn... 4400 Fuller Road in West Des Moines. Up to 6 courts! PLEASE call the Center to check for updates or schedule changes as other Center activities could precede the pickleball schedule (at times). This is a great facility with excellent flooring, lighting, showers and a wonderful coffee bar area in entry/lobby. APPRECIATED Cost is $1 per session (you are welcome to share more as Center anticipates growing times and days for play, using your $'s for additional equipment). - The Community Center is near the Valley Football stadium (or just south of the West Des Moines Library) and just off George Mills I-35 interstate exit (so just 8-15 minutes from Johnston, Clive, or Norwalk via freeway or bypass) and 1-2 minutes for most West Des Moines residents.  NOTE: there may be times (at times, weeks at a time) where one may find play at the center at a minimum. Be sure to check with the staff or get on BOTH our email list, and theirs, for updates.


Fox Creek Park: (522 NE Westgate Drive, Waukee, IA 50263) is now open and available for outdoor play. 4 beautifully finished permanent courts on the West side of the metro.

Wildwood Park: (15166 Wildwood Dr, Clive, IA 50325) is available for outdoor play. 4 permanent courts courtesy of Clive, IA and Dallas County funding.



METRO Schedule...


SMASH PARK: (6625 Coachlight Dr., West Des Moines) Iowa's "Destination Spot" for pickleball! Stop out and enjoy a variety of games, great food, fantastic atmosphere and indeed some competitive yet fun pickleball. While you are there be sure to take a look at "the world's largest pickleball paddle...," absolutely awesome!

Hours are 8am to 11pm Monday-Thursday, 8am-Midnight Friday & Saturday, 8am to 10pm on Sundays. Call of check their website for OPEN play pricing and availability. Smash Park "guarantees" to ALWAYS have at least one court designated for open play throughout the day (except for tournaments and special occasions).
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Prairie Ridge: (1010 NW Prairie Ridge Dr, Ankeny, IA 50023) offers Pickleball on Sundays from approx 4:00-7:00 (with the exception of holidays). Open to all ages, $2.00 Ankeny residents and $3.00 for non-residents. They have six courts between the two gyms. Great lighting, sport-court floor/surface. During Summer months we may pick up Thursday evening play at THIS location.

Greentree Park: (2063 NW Hickory Lane, Ankeny) offers OUTDOOR Pickleball. During specified reserved (Pickleball Only) days there is a drop-in fee, $2.00 Ankeny residents and $3.00 for non-residents;  There is a Summer League that takes place on Tuesday & Thursday evenings beginning at 6pm, otherwise Open play, obviously at no charge, available to all ages and all skills. They have four courts upon newly renovated tennis court area. Please note that you may need to bring a portable net for play (on days where play is not league or not drop-in). These courts are set up on each side of the renovated tennis courts(s). Great Location, Great outdoor play for the metro.
Waukee YMCA: (210 Warrior Ln., Waukee), YMCA members. and guests (must pick up a guest pass at front desk) are able to participate at no charge. Organized play scheduled Tues, Thurs, & Fri from Noon until 2:00 pm. Non-members drop-in fee is $15.00.

Birdland: (2100 Saylor Rd., Des Moines), The City of Des Moines has two DEDICATED pickleball court areas for our outdoor use! All you need is a portable net & you are in business!! Once the weather warms for outdoor play I will post a schedule or additional information for the courts' use. 

Doanes Park (Pleasant Hill): Once the weather begins to cooperate we will start to find some outdoor play. This Pleasant Hill park boasts 3 double-lined courts... and these courts are NICE!! Stay tuned for updates, days, times, and sessions for this fantastic location).
Witmer Park: Also as the weather gets nicer (early Spring), outdoor play is available most any day of the week on the two “PICKLEBALL-LINED” tennis courts located in Des Moines’ Witmer park (37th & Washington).
Des Moines South Side YMCA: (401 E. Army Post Rd., Des Moines), YMCA members. and guests are able to participate. Check USAPA places to play soon for additional information & updates!!


JOHNSTON Senior Center (Crown Point, located at 6300 Pioneer Parkway) has 2 tennis courts double-lined for pickleball, reserved Tuesday & Thursday mornings from 9am to noon (as weather permits). 3rd Wednesday of each month is "Senior Fun Night," from 6:30 - 9:30 pm.


JOHNSTON Middle School will return with pickleball this Winter, evenings (beginning October 9, 2019) until March 18th, 2020. Fee is just $2.00. All skill levels invited... 3 courts available; sessions from 7:00 - 9:00 pm.

THROUGHOUT THE METRO you can find a host of tennis courts that have been "double-lined" for pickleball play. Many of these are listed on USAPA Places-to-Play, along with locations across the State of Iowa, the Midwest, the USA and beyond! As we discover more (here at home), they will be added to the places-to-play at the USAPA site. Several of these are listed below:
• Altoona's Village Park (2 courts with court "hooks" to tie down sidelines)
• Campbell Recreation courts in Clive
• Tower Park (On Hickman Rd. in Des Moines)
• Jaycee Park (On in West Des Moines)
• Valley View Park (SE 88th in West Des Moines). 2 brand new tennis
  courts about to be completed, double lined for pickleball and... LIGHTS!
Upcoming tourney events, Senior Games and such, can generally be found on the USAPA site, schedule page...